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Faces of crystal meth: Shocking before and after pictures

Date: 2018-04-26 01:03

okay to everyone in this argument about legalizing drugs will make more people use them and fuck everyone up etc. etc. in 7556 Portugal decriminalized the use of ALL drugs meth, heroine, crack etc. you name it you can do it w/o going to jail there and guess what contrary to what most people believe would happen, drug use there has decreased every year since decriminalization drugs aren 8767 t *censored* bc the government gives a shit that they are bad for you really you have more chance of dying on your drive home then a drug overdose. they are *censored* because the government profits off of them being *censored*. one main reason that alot of people do drugs is because they are *censored* and they get the thrill of breaking a law. the reality is just because someone makes something *censored* to consume people arent going to stop doing and as long as there is a demand for a substance someone will supply it to make a profit look at what happened when america banned alcohol in the early 6955 8767 s criminals immediately started selling it to produce the money they needed for other crimes they needed to get done. the bottom line is prohibition breeds crime. I personally do not use or have ever used any drug other than weed, i think the others propose an unnecessary risk to my health. i dont avoid them because they are *censored* i avoid them because i have the common sense to know that the cons outweigh the pros if some fuckhead wants to get strung out on something and shoot himself in the head let him guess what its part of the process of evolution. the nature of their thought pattern determined that they werent fit enough to live any longer and destroyed itself think about it those idiots do a service to evolution by eliminating themselves from the human gene pool and evolution progresses the way it was meant to. and another thing religion is the biggest problem with society almost every war ever fought was because some self righteous group of fuckwads decided that the god they invented said they had to kill anyone who doesnt believe that. Um hello do these types of people even have a brain no *censored* is religious nor does any *censored* wage war against its own species the way man does the way the world was meant to work is that the weak die and the strong survive religion is just a way that the weak use to convince those with real power that they arent weak. fuck religion fuck prohibition fuck very concept of a human governing another is corrupt in its own definition government is based on the belief that man isnt wise enough to govern himself so they need people to do it for them. whoa wait a minute red flag if one person isnt wise enough to govern himself why the fuck would they want another person controlling them when that person is just as unwise as them.

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